Autonomous Women’s Shelter

At the Autonomous Women’s Shelter in Heidelberg, we provide you and your children with safe accommodation, protection, assistance and support if you have experienced emotional, physical and/or sexualised abuse. At the shelter, you’ll find support and assistance in:
• your new circumstances
• coping with your experience of abuse
• dealing with your personal problems
• clarifying your financial and legal situation
• contacting official bodies and local authorities
• parenting issues
• looking for accommodation or work
Our support is available to all women, regardless of their origin, skin colour, religion or sexual orientation and regardless of the nature of their relationship to their abuser. We carry out one-to-one confidential counselling.
You will live with your children in a furnished room and share a living area, kitchen and bathroom with other women and children. You will support yourself independently; in other words, you will provide for yourself and your children.
The location of the Women’s Shelter is kept secret.