Girls and boys

The abuse of women is always an abuse of children

Girls and boys who come into the Women’s Shelter with their mother have also experienced different forms of abuse and have been victims of or witnesses to violence. The children frequently suffer from health problems and psychological stress and their emotional and cognitive development may be affected.

The Women’s Shelter provides the following services for girls and boys:

  • One-to-one and group-based children’s services
  • Support in looking for school and nursery places
  • Advice on parenting for the mother
  • Advice on rights of custody and access
  • Cooperation with institutions which provide assistance for children and young people

Special services for girls and boys

Therapeutic horseriding
in cooperation with Jugendhof Heidelberg [Heidelberg Youth Service]

Follow-up counselling after leaving the Women’s Shelter
In order to make it easier for children to be resettled in a new home, new school or nursery, we are currently offering girls and boys a group-based circus skills package.
The aim of the package is:

  • to maintain contact with the girls and boys in order to continue to support the child through the relationship of trust that has developed with the staff worker
  • to continue to give children who have lived at the Women’s Shelter the opportunity to keep in contact with each other
  • to give the children the opportunity to test their own limits
  • to raise children’s perceptions of their own bodies
  • to help them to be aware of their own feelings and needs and to find an appropriate way of dealing with anger and aggression