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Advice and help in incidents of violence against women and children

Protection and safety

Based in Heidelberg, Frauen helfen Frauen e.V. Heidelberg is a registered association that has been involved in preventing violence against women, girls and boys for 40 years,
We offer women and their children professional advice, support and protection.

Help at all levels

We are also involved in political work to combat the causes of violence towards women, girls and boys, thus raising public awareness of the issue. We take a feminist stance coupled with a partisan approach and an awareness of racism.

Our services

The Intervention Centre for Women and Children is the point of contact for acute problems. In an emergency please contact

Intervention Centre

The Courage Women's Advice Centre will provide advice if you are a conflict situation and need support.

Courage Women's Advice Centre

The Autonomous Women's refuge offers you and your children protection from a violent partner. You can sort out your life here.

Autonomous Women's refuge

What should I do in an emergency?

You will find information on the following page:

I need help now

You will find our emergency packing list here and you can print it out. If you leave home, it is absolutely essential that you try and bring with you the listed items for yourself and your children.

Packing list in an emergency

I would like to help

With pleasure! We have put together for you a summary of information on work placements, volunteering and donations.


We are looking for affordable housing for women and their children when they leave the women's refuge.

Housing wanted

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