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Violence against women and children

We support women and children who experience violence

Violence is an everyday occurrence and occurs at all levels of society, regardless of income, educational attainments, population group, nationality and age. The causes are many and varied.

Any form of violence can have adverse and damaging physical and psychological effects, regardless of where it takes place or who inflicts it. Violence against women and children is often serious, and it can even be fatal. Pregnancy and separation are especially dangerous stages of life for the victims. Violence itself is not usually a one-off event in the family or in the home. Violent incidents often increase in frequency and severity.

According to a study by the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth (BMFSFJ), around 25% of women living in Germany have experienced some form of physical or sexual violence (or both) from partners in current or previous relationships. This is every fourth women in Germany. (representative study on behalf of the BMFSFJ 2004: Lebenssituation, Sicherheit und Gesundheit von Frauen in Deutschland).

A representative EU-wide sample on the extent of violence against women in Europe, which was published in 2014, came up with similar findings: according to this study, 33% of women had experienced physical and/or sexual violence after the age of 15. This equates to about 62 million women Europe.

Violence against women takes many forms

  • physical violence
  • mental violence
  • sexual violence
  • economic violence
  • stalking
  • women trafficking
  • forced marriage
  • genital mutilation
  • structural violence and disadvantage in society

Studies on the issue

Representative study on the living situation, safety and health of women in Germany, conducted in 2004 on behalf of the BMFSFJ:

Lebenssituation, Sicherheit und Gesundheit von Frauen in Deutschland

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