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A big thank you to everyone who supports us!

The City of Heidelberg, the local authorities of our region and agencies in the Rhine-Neckar District are important partners to us and provide temporary funding for some of our activities, e.g. in the field of counselling or crime prevention.

Since these public grants only finance part of our work, we also need regular assistance from other supporters. Violence against women, girls and boys is not an individual problem. Violence has structural and social causes, which is why the public and politicians are called on to take responsibility.

Would you like to support our work?

We are grateful for all donations, however large or small:

  • vouchers which enable new arrivals to the women's refuge to make some initial purchases,
  • or money to buy new materials for our educational programmes,
  • or gifts for children living in the women's refuge for special occasions such as Christmas, birthdays etc.

Housing wanted!

We are looking for affordable housing for women and their children when they leave the women's refuge.

All information on housing search

Cash donations

You can help too. You can assist us by making one-off or regular donations or by becoming a supporting member of our association. As a non-profit organisation, we are dependent on donations in order to provide and run specific projects and services. Donations to our Frauen helfen Frauen e.V. association are tax deductible.

The deposit slip or the account statement are sufficient as a donation receipt for amounts up to €200. You will receive a donation certificate from us for a higher donation.

You can help right now - with a bank transfer to the following account:
Frauen helfen Frauen e.V. Heidelberg
Sparkasse Heidelberg
IBAN: DE89 6725 0020 0000 0071 37

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about your donation:

Tel 06221 705 605

Donations in kind

We also need donations in kind from time to time (clothing, furniture, household effects). We do not have any storage facilities, however, so please call us before making a donation in kind.

Tel. 06221 833 088

Gift of time

At present there is no need for assistance from female volunteers who wish to give their time.

We are delighted to receive so many enquiries! However, we are unable to accept any gifts of time from new female volunteers as there is currently little scope for using them due to the pandemic and the effort and expense required to organise and coordinate such activities.

You can help us by telling other people about what we do!

Do you have any questions about projects, do you need flyers, facts, figures or arguments? We would be very happy to answer your questions.

Phone number for PR enquiries
Tel. 06221 833 088

Frauen helfen Frauen e.V.

Telephone 06221 705 605
Fax 06221 72 52 761


Phone times
Monday - Thursday
9.30 - 16.30

Our office address
Mannheimerstraße 228
69123 Heidelberg

Our Mission Statement

The guiding principle for our work is contained in our Mission Statement. We continually review our claim and the implementation of our values, objectives and visions.

Mission Statement Frauen helfen Frauen e.V.

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