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Intervention Centre for Women and Children

Women and girls

Our intervention centre provides advice and support for women and girls who are experiencing serious violence in their relationship and there is an urgent need for action. The intervention centre is a point of contact and coordination for women and children within the framework of the German Protection Against Violence Act (Gewaltschutzgesetz) and the barring order procedure. The issue of stalking is another focal point.

Female interpreters can be provided if required.

We also advise and support girls and young women who are prevented by their families from leading an independent life and/or are at risk of marrying against their will.

We provide support by:

  • Holding telephone and face-to-face consultations
  • Contacting agencies, authorities and lawyers
  • Giving information on possible legal measures
  • Clarifying the situation of children
  • Arranging further help

Girls and boys

Girls and boys often witness the violence meted out by the father/partner to the mother and/or are themselves often victims of maltreatment. We take the lived experience of children seriously. This is why there is a separate contact person for the children. She will find out what the child needs, what support systems they are familiar with and who they can turn to for help. Meeting together in this way brings relief and encouragement for the child.

We support girls and boys by means of:

  • Individual meetings at the advice centre (alongside counselling for the mother).
  • Outreach visits to the home or, if required, at school

"Herzklopfen" workshop

The aim of this project is to equip teenagers and young adults with the knowledge they need for a positive experience of romantic relationships based on an equal footing and to enable them to recognise any early warning signs of violence in a relationship.

The project also develops the skills required to resolve conflict in relationships in a non-violent way. Teenagers and young adults are told where they or any affected friends can obtain help if they wish to get out of a violent relationship or change the way they behave in relationships. Local support options are also specified.

The project is run in the form of a workshop at vocational training colleges.

The workshop falls within the scope of the European "Heartbeat/Herzklopfen" project. We are qualified to run this module, which was designed to prevent violence in intimate teenage relationships, after attending an advanced training course lasting several days (TIMA/Pfunzkerle Tübingen).

Intervention Centre for Women and Children

Telephone 06221 750 135
Fax 06221 72 52 761


Phone times
Mon, Tues, Thurs, 9:30 - 12:00
Wed 14:00 - 17:00

Postal address
Mannheimerstraße 226
69123 Heidelberg

HIM - Heidelberg Intervention Model Against Violence

The police, youth welfare office, advice centres and support services in Heidelberg are closely networked to deal with violence in relationships. Women who are victims should receive the protection and support they need. Offenders should be held to account for their actions and given support to prevent further violence in future.

Link to updated flyer in German, English, Turkish, Russian and French:

"HIM"-Flyer (City of Heidelberg)

We can also provide advice in simple language if you have learning difficulties or a mental disability. You are welcome to bring a trusted person with you.
Please let us know if you are hard of hearing or visually impaired the first time you contact us, so that we can clarify what support you need.
There is car parking for disabled people in front of our advice centre.
If your mobility is restricted, please note that there are two steps to our counselling room. A mobile ramp is available if required. We do not have a wheelchair-accessible toilet unfortunately.
Should you be unable to use our advice centre, we would be happy to arrange a consultation elsewhere (own home, school, clinic, etc.) at your request.

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