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Cooperation and networking

Who supports us? Who do we work with?

Our work is sustained by full-time female staff and our active association members. We are supported by many other campaigners, institutions, organisations and businesses. Their contributions mean that

  • we can develop professionally and personally,
  • we can interact with other experts at regional, state, national and international level,
  • we can provide up-to-date information for those who come to us for help and
  • our work can be funded.

We are involved in a wide range of activities on several levels, e.g.:

Our services

The Intervention Centre for Women and Children is the point of contact for acute problems. In an emergency please contact

Intervention Centre

The Courage Women's Advice Centre will provide advice if you are a conflict situation and need support.

Courage Women's Advice Centre

The Autonomous Women's refuge offers you and your children protection from a violent partner. You can sort out your life here.

Autonomous Women's refuge

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